มีนาคม 31, 2018
(English) Celergen and Longevity

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พฤษภาคม 7, 2017
Beautiful Skin and Natural Ways to Maintain It

There may not be a definite solution in the quest for beauty and youth, but what we put into our bodies can help fight the aging process.

ธันวาคม 3, 2016
How Does Celergen Work in the Body?

Celergen, the world’s only Swiss marine oral cell therapy supplement, promotes the efficient repair and replacement of damaged and dead cells.

มกราคม 30, 2018
Celergen: Managing and Treating Arthritis with Cell Therapy

Medical innovations in cell therapy have made it possible for people to live with, and even get rid of, arthritis. Arthritis affects millions and millions of people and is a leading cause of disability and reduced quality of life. Arthritis is one of the main causes of joint pain, which can affect physical mobility and […]

กุมภาพันธ์ 28, 2018
(English) Celergen: Protecting Your Skin from Pollution and the Tech World

(English) Celergen and its cell therapy protects your skin from harsh pollutants, UV rays, pollution, and blue light from electronic devices by rebuilding outer skin layers from the inside out.

มกราคม 30, 2018
Celergen: Cell Therapy and the Brain

(English) Celergen can help prevent the onset, or delay the progression of, brain degenerative disease and enable you to lead an emotionally fulfilling life.

มีนาคม 31, 2018
(English) Celergen: Essential Self-Care  

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