January 30, 2018
Celergen: Cell Therapy and the Brain

Celergen can help prevent the onset, or delay the progression of, brain degenerative disease and enable you to lead an emotionally fulfilling life.

January 30, 2018
Celergen: Managing and Treating Arthritis with Cell Therapy

Medical innovations in cell therapy have made it possible for people to live with, and even get rid of, arthritis. Arthritis affects millions and millions of people and is a leading cause of disability and reduced quality of life. Arthritis is one of the main causes of joint pain, which can affect physical mobility and […]

May 29, 2017
Boost Your Stamina and Enhance Your Performance Naturally

Do you ever find yourself lacking energy or feeling exhausted after a normal workout? Do you wish for more stamina and faster recovery for better performance? Athletes are not strangers to long, demanding workouts that levy a tax on their bodies and minds. The difference between athletes and people who exercise recreationally is that they […]

May 29, 2017
Cell and Regenerative Therapy: Have We Found the Fountain of Youth?

Cell therapy, which usually involves collecting cells from a patient or a donor and introducing them into the patient’s body, is invasive and tends to contain some danger as well. If this isn’t something you want to risk, then Celergen is definitely what you’ve been searching for.

May 7, 2017
Beautiful Skin and Natural Ways to Maintain It

There may not be a definite solution in the quest for beauty and youth, but what we put into our bodies can help fight the aging process.

April 18, 2017
Healthy Aging: Delaying the Onset of Degenerative Diseases

Celergen, a non-injectable cell therapy, contributes to healthy aging by enhancing your body’s natural ability to rebuild, revitalize, and heal itself.

February 17, 2017
Not Every Nutrient You Swallow is Absorbed by Your Body

Natural supplements are increasing in popularity. This comes in the wake of more and more information, about the detrimental side-effects of prescription medication and the growing knowledge about health and nutrition, becoming available. People want to be healthy, therefore an increasing number of them are turning towards alternative supplements. Dietary supplements are substances which are […]

February 2, 2017
What’s best for your pain?

                    Osteoarthritis affects tens of millions of people and is a leading cause of disability and reduced quality of life worldwide. Joint pain doesn’t just make it difficult to exercise or play sports. Joint pain can affect overall physical mobility and even daily chores and activities. […]

January 28, 2017
Only Aged People Need Celergen, True or False?

Strong as a bull, young as a whippersnapper, the power to take on the world, and the ability to abuse your body in any way while recovering from it in no time. This is the gift of youth. People in general tend to not worry about their health until later on in life. The most […]

January 10, 2017
How do you know that you need Celergen?

Do you find yourself coming down with the flu often? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way you could avoid getting sick each time the weather becomes chilly? It’s the cold season now in most places around the world. It’s time to get out your winter wear and prepare for the festivities. Fun, […]