5 Cell Therapy Facts You Should Know
February 14, 2019

What is Cell Therapy? Cell Therapy is a course of action that aims to heal and benefit the body at its very basic – cellular level. It can be defined as the administration of biological products with therapeutic effects derived from living cells. This therapy can come in many different forms including the complete replacement of damaged cells with healthy active cells, or simply providing the necessary nutrients at the cellular level to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Currently, Celergen is the only non-injectable Marine Cell Therapy Treatment in the world.

Here are 5 facts about Cell Therapy:

Fact #1. A Preventive course of action

Not only can cell therapy help in the treatment of certain diseases, it is also becoming increasingly popular in preventive medicine. As we age, our cellular regenerative powers decrease dramatically, causing conditions such as reduced stamina and joint pains. Cell-therapy is a viable preventive option because it can trigger and boost the body’s regenerative capabilities even as our biological clock ticks on.

Fact #2. Promising Potential for Conditions with Limited Treatment Options

Although it is true that cell-therapy has the potential to treat conditions and diseases that currently have limited viable treatment – it cannot be relied on to create miracles. Cell-therapy is not the answer to all health problems and many products with unproven claims exist in the market. Before deciding on purchasing or consuming anything labeled as cell-therapy – it is important to verify the clinical studies backing the product.

Fact #3. Different People Experience Different Outcomes

As with other forms of treatment, different individuals undergoing a course of cell-therapy may not experience the same results. This is due to the difference in the cellular deficiencies of various individuals. It is important to note that there are also other factors that may influence the outcome of your course, such as age, gender, environment and physical activity etc.

Fact #4. Bone Marrow is just One of the Many Sources Available

Yes, when talking about cell therapy, the first thing that comes to mind might be a bone marrow transplant which utilizes the hematopoietic stem cell. However, other types of stem cells and biologically derived products can be used as well. There are different types of stem cells in our body and each type is quite unique. Depending on the body part, the disease or the degenerative condition – the source for the cell treatment may differ.

Fact #5.  A Needle-less Option Exists

Typically a stem cell treatment involves injection, but cell-therapy can also come in other forms. For example, through its proprietary patented technology – Celergen has been able to encapsulate all the potent benefits of cell-therapy into a single soft-gel capsule to be consumed daily. It is currently the only non-injectable Marine Cell Therapy Supplement in the world and is approved by the Swiss Federal office of Public Health.




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