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A Good Night’s Sleep goes a Long Way
February 12, 2019

Alertness, mood-elevation and decreased stress levels are just some of the benefits that a good night’s sleep does for you. With our hectic schedules and ever-increasing responsibilities, sleep is often traded for time. After all, as the adage goes – “time is money”.

However, a growing number of studies show that getting adequate and quality sleep can actually increase productivity. To maximize the benefit of sleep, it is important to consider both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Quantity Matters

Sleep deprivation, also commonly referred to as insufficient sleep, effects as many as 30% of the population. Although getting a couple of hours less sleep everyday doesn’t seem like it can lead to anything serious – researchers have shown that the negative effects do tend to add up. In the short term – you may feel tired and irritable but in the long run it can result to virulent diseases like diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart disease. Below is a list of some common effects induced by sleep deprivation:


  • Drowsiness
  • Inability to focus
  • Increased Anxiety
  • Mood Swings
  • Memory and Cognitive Impairment
  • Decreased Libido
  • Occupational and Automobile injuries


Long Term:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Diseases (i.e. stroke, heart attack)
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression and other psychological mood disorders
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Memory Loss


Quality Also Matters

Even with 7-9 hours of sleep each day – a person may still be feeling effects similar to short-term sleep deprivation. In this case, the quantity of sleep is only part of the reason; the quality of sleep is the main culprit. When the body goes to sleep, it goes through increments of 90-120 minutes sleep cycles. Each stage in the sleep cycle offers different benefits to the body – therefore interrupting the cycle at any stage could result in a lower quality sleep. A good night’s sleep, therefore, depends on both quantity and quality.

Improve your Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep can help spur creativity, sharpen your mind and improve productivity. If you experience tiredness, dizziness or anxiousness upon waking up, Celergen can help. It does so by delivering essential micronutrients to the body, so the body can naturally optimize and balance hormones, proteins and enzymes. In other words, it helps to rejuvenate the body while you sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

“After only 15 days of Celergen, I am able to sleep better and wake up feeling a lot fresher and more energized than ever before”

Other than enhancing sleep quality – Celergen also contains Peptide E Collagen which works to maintain skin elasticity and Hydro MN Peptide that can help reduce joint pain. This has led Celergen, the World’s  premium non-injectable Swiss Marine Cell Therapy, to be referred to by many as the ‘Rolls Royce of Supplements’. The next time you have difficulty sleeping or suffer from insomnia – try Celergen!



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